The Northern Lights

The Aurora Borealis can be one of the most spectacular sights of our northern skies in autumn, winter and spring. When the earth’s magnetic field is disturbed by the solar wind our skies can light up with a variety of colours in beautiful displays of greens, reds and purples.

Aurora at Scalan
Aurora at Scalan
When is the Aurora active?

The Northern Lights are often most active around the autumn and spring equinoxes for reasons that are still not fully understood. There are several ways you can keep up to date with the current aurora situation in the north of Scotland:

Current Aurora Status


Best places to see the Aurora

To get the best views of the northern lights you need a clear, open northerly aspect under a dark sky. Head over to our “Best Viewing Places” page to see our recommendations.

Milky Way and Aurora
Milky Way and Aurora from Easter Corrie, Glenlivet