Naked Eye Astronomy

So you want to get out and have a look at the night sky but all you’ve got is your own two eyes.

No problem.

Orion, the Hyades and Pleiades
Orion, the Hyades and Pleiades

Help yourself to our “Naked Eye Astronomer” sky tour series. They are designed to be used in the evening as soon as it is dark. These tours will help you to identify the major constellations, asterisms, stars and star clusters and generally find you way around the night sky.

Spring (Feb – Apr)

Autumn (Aug – Oct)

Winter (Nov – Jan)

Planets were known as “Wanderers” to the ancient Greeks and are not as predictable as the other residents of the night sky. Your best bet for identifying them is with a planetarium app for your computer, ipad or smart phone. Discover our best picks on our Planetarium Apps page.

Annual Highlights

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