This program of events is designed to give both visitors and locals an opportunity to view the diverse wonders of the night sky through our 8″ and 10″ reflecting telescopes. However our Scottish weather does not always allow us an unobstructed view of the starry heavens!

If it is cloudy on the night there will be an indoor planetarium presentation on the same subject. A follow up outdoor telescope session will be arranged for the first clear night after the event.

We also put on monthly observing evenings from August to April which are advertised via our Facebook page. These are inevitably announced at short notice once we have a firm weather forecast!

Bronze Age Star Gazers in Scotland

Mon 1st Feb 2021, 19:00: Webcast

The Scottish landscape is home to many ancient megalithic monuments. Many of these were aligned to events that took place in the skies. Join us to find out more about these ancient astronomers and the events that were most important to their cultures.

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The Sun – Our Very Own Star

Wed 3rd Mar 2021, 20:00: Webcast

The Sun has been worshipped since the dawn of time as the source of light and warmth on Earth. Find our how this nuclear furnace has maintained it’s energy output over billions of years and discover how it’s tantrums affect us here on Earth.

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Sun 26th Sep 2021, 21:00: Glenlivet Public Hall

The Aurora is often seen in our night skies around the equinoxes. Join us to discover how this beautiful natural phenomena is created by space weather and conditions on our local star.

Celtic Gods in the Stars

Mon 25th Oct 2021, 20:00: Richmond Hall

In common with many other ancient civilisations the Celts saw constellations in the night sky as representing their gods and heroes. Join us and find out about the Gaelic and Pictish rulers of the stars.

The Moon – our nearest neighbour

Sun 6th Feb 2022, 19:00: Glenlivet Public Hall

The Moon has been revered as ruler of our night skies for as long as anyone can remember. But how did it come to look the way it does? Join us to find out about how our nearest neighbour got its mountains, craters and mare, and what the future holds for it.

Exo Planets

Sat 15th Oct 2022, 20:00: Richmond Hall

Over the past few years we have been told that more and more planets are being discovered orbiting other stars. How do we know they are there? What are they like? Is there another Earth out there? Join us to find out the answers to all this and more.

The Asteroids – Ceres, Vesta and Others

Sun 13th Nov 2022, 18:00: Glenlivet Public Hall

In between Mars and Jupiter lies the asteroid belt. These space rocks have the potential to cause devastation here on Earth if they come our way. Join us to discover the back story behind the asteroids and what steps we can take to avoid following the dinosaurs into extinction.