Lightscape Plan

Our External Lighting Management Plan details how we can reduce light pollution, energy wastage, and the harmful effects of excessive night time lighting on both wildlife and human health within the Dark Sky Park.

Outside Lighting

Whilst much of the Dark Sky Park does not need extensive outdoor lighting, there are some places that do require exterior illumination so that everyday activities can be continued after dark.

Where outside lighting is needed we will encourage both local businesses and domestic properties to:

  • Ensure that only areas where light is required are illuminated
  • Prevent glare affecting adjacent properties
  • Minimise the escape of surplus light into the countryside and night sky
  • Switch off outside lighting when it is not in use

Street lighting has long been one of the major sources of light pollution within the Dark Sky Park area. The Moray Council are replacing all of the old sodium street lighting with “full cut off” LED street lights, making a major contribution to our project.

You can download our External Lighting Master Plan here