The Glenlivet and Tomintoul area is one of the best places in the Cairngorms National Park to discover the wonders of the night sky. Not only does this remote area have stunning dark skies but it also has easy access allowing everyone to enjoy a night sky brimming with stars.


We run astronomy events throughout the year. These events are designed to help both visitors and residents to discover the wonders of the night sky and explore the cultural heritage of the starry heavens. Find out more about our up coming events here.


Have you ever wondered what was up there in the night sky but didn’t get around to finding out? Then head on over to our stargazing pages to find out about the wealth of things to see up there with just your naked eyes or binoculars. Or for a quick overview of this month’s astronomy viewing highlights go to our Eye on the Sky page.

Dark Skies Project

Our Dark Skies Project promotes and supports the reduction of light pollution in the Tomintoul and Glenlivet area. This will help to reduce energy wastage and protect local plants and animals that depend on Earth’s daily cycle of light and dark. Read more about our Dark Skies Project here.